We are filmmakers.

We make film & video content (not websites).
We’d like to tell you that a nice website is coming soon – but to be honest, it’s a low priority (we’ll get around to it when we’re short of video projects to put together, or ideas to develop).

We specialise in documentary & factual content – for the screen or for the web. We like projects with elements of social, personal, or political exploration. We like powerful individual stories. We like important causes. We want to challenge, educate, illuminate, inspire, entertain. We enjoy telling stories generated by us about issues & individuals that capture our imagination, our conscience, our admiration. But we also love working with groups and individuals to help them tell their stories their way, about what’s happening in their worlds!

We’ve produced & directed content around indigenous affairs & heritage, community issues, disability, education, the arts, and much more. We can tell stories in traditional ways, or we can be experimental and innovative. We like to get in close to the beating heart of the story with our observational approach. We like journeys. We like challenges. We like people who get that those things go hand in hand, and are at the core of any great story. We know that curiosity is the path to knowledge, knowledge the path to understanding, understanding the path to wisdom. And we want to be part of that.

If you think you’d like to work with us, or seek us out for more info, please get in touch: